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We design and manufacture high-performance thermal mass flow meters for nearly every gas or liquid application.

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“We placed an order for a rental meter on Friday and it arrived on Monday for our state inspection on Tuesday. Really appreciated the quick delivery and responsiveness.”

Long time Thermal Instrument Customer - using meter for Bio-Gas Application

“We needed flow meters built out of 100% Titanium to hold up to our harsh process. Could not find another supplier that could meet our requirements. Thermal Instrument delivered a customized solution to meet our needs”

Long time Thermal Instrument Customer -

“The meters were installed in 1992 and still work perfectly. They have been here longer than I have been employed here!”

Long Term Thermal Instrument Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Customer in 2018 -

“I like working with you guys because when I call someone picks up the phone or gets right back to me to help me out”

Long time Thermal Instrument Landfill Gas Technician Customer -

“We could not afford to take our operation offline and needed a service trip to re-calibrate our meters. The technician from Thermal Instrument arrived, worked over a weekend, and we never lost any production time”

Long time Thermal Instrument Customer -

We are proud of our work

We design, manufacture, and calibrate thermal mass flow meters and flow switches for a variety of liquid and gas measurement applications. Contact us to see how we can help you solve your measurement challenges.

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