9500P Electronic Flow Transmitter Update from Thermal Instrument

We recently enhanced our Model 9500P Electronic Transmitter communication port. In the past, the communication port was a RS232 style that required a USB adaptor and a ribbon cable supplied by Thermal Instrument in order to perform any changes to the meter setup. That has now been replaced with a Micro-USB connection that will allow for the communication, when required, to take place. A Micro-USB connection is very common and most people probably have these sitting around the house or tucked away in a desk drawer, as they have been a standard connection cable for charging devices such as phones and other electronic items for years.


The new connection is simple in that you can plug into a PC or Laptop, that has our software package installed, and make simple changes to the meter set up as necessary.

Some of those changes are:

  • Lowering the 20mA Flow value to improve resolution of the meter
  • Adding decimal points to either the instantaneous Flow Rate Display line or the Totalized Flow Rate Display
  • Changing a K factor if needed
  • Adjusting the Zero Point Cutoff factor
  • Making Address changes if using a RS485 Modbus equipped meter


Our tech support team is available to assist you with any of these changes or discuss in further detail.


The 9500P Electronic Flow Transmitter, one of our most popular electronic options, is available as both an Integral or Remote mounted option. In a Remote configuration, it can be placed as far away as 2000’ with the necessary cabling. It has a standard internally powered 4-20mA flow output and 2 line display. The transmitter can be powered by AC or 24 VDC power for ease of installation. We also offer a variety of additional outputs such as Pule, Hart, and RS485 Modbus. The 9500P can be equipped with a second and  independent 4-20mA output for Temperature as well.


Additionally, our software package continues to be updated with regards to functionality and security. Our software has a security certificate applied to it to minimize any delays in install or updating.


If you need to have any questions, please contact Thermal Instrument and we can review your situation in more detail.


About Thermal Instrument Company

Thermal Instrument Company, headquartered in Trevose, Pennsylvania, provides leading edge instrumentation solutions for measuring the flow rate of liquids and gases. Established in 1959, providing flow measurement solutions to a variety of industries throughout the globe. An installed base in excess of 20,000 thermal mass flow measurement devices performing successfully in many applications. For more information about Thermal Instrument Company’s flow solutions, please visit our website or contact us via phone.



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