Hydrogen Measurement

With the cost of Hydrogen gas going up, it is important to know what you are using and where it is being used. A Thermal Mass Flow Meter from Thermal Instrument Company is the perfect tool to help manage and measure that flow. Thermal mass is an excellent measurement tool as Hydrogen gas has excellent thermal properties allowing our meter to deliver very accurate results down to minimal flow rates. 

Due to the rising cost and unique properties associated with Hydrogen gas, it is important that your flow meter is calibrated in the exact same conditions that are present in your operation. At Thermal Instrument Company, we do just that. We calibrate the meters on hydrogen gas, at your stated flow rates, line sizes, operating pressures, and temperatures so you can feel confident in the results coming from our thermal mass flow meters. When your flow meter is delivered to you, it is ready to go, right out of the box. 

Why should you use Thermal Instrument Flow Meters for measuring Hydrogen? We use a constant temperature differential principle that applies heat to a sensor point. Then we maintain that heat differential by increasing the energy to that sensor point, as the fluid conducts heat away when it passes. Since Hydrogen gas has excellent heat conductivity, even the slightest flow rates can be detected and measured very accurately. This also allows for thermal mass flow meters to be set up to measure very wide flow ranges.  In addition, all Thermal Instrument flow meters are temperature and pressure compensated during our calibration process. And finally, every Thermal Instrument flow meter has redundant back up sensors for long life and excellent return on your investment. 

Thermal Instrument Company has provided Thermal Mass Flow Meters for Hydrogen Gas measurement in the following industrial processes:

  • Power Generation – 
    • Cooling equipment at Electric Power Plants
  • Chemical – 
    • Producing Ammonia for use in fertilizers and household cleaning agents 
  • Electronics – 
    • Manufacturing Electronic and Semiconductor parts 
  • Steel Production – 
    • Heat treating in steel production
  • Oil & Gas – 
    • Residue Hydrogenation of crude oil at refineries
    • Reducing sulfur content in crude oil at refineries
  • Plastics Manufacturing
    • Catalyst in polyethylene
  • Food & Beverage –
    • Hydrogenating agent used in foods

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