Leachate Measurement

Our flow meters are built to hold up to the harshest environments with standard 316SS and electrical housings that meet most certifications.  The fact that our meters are rugged and that our sensors never come into contact with the passing fluid, unlike other flow meters, means that your one time investment will offer you many years of returns.  In the event something does happen, all Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Meters come standard with redundant sensors. This feature alone, saves time and money by following a simple process of changing over to the spare sensor without ever removing the unit from your process line.  Our in-line unit has a variety of process connections available and is typically only 6” in length. It is available in line sizes as small as ½” tube and piping up to 6” in diameter.

If space and process connections are limited then we also offer our insertion probe Model 62 which can provide the landfill operator with the same useful flow data that they need to effectively manage the landfill leachate. Like our inline Model 600, the sensors are still protected behind our standard 316SS construction in order to offer a long term flow measurement instrument resistant to corrosion, pressure, and temperature variations. The flow sensor can be constructed out of other materials, and can have a protective coating applied to provide another layer of defense.  Our Model 62 insertion probe mass flow meter is our most versatile solution for measuring large line sizes as the length of the probe can be adjusted to suit the application needs. We have manufactured probes from 9” to 20’ in length.

What is leachate?

Leachate is the water that naturally drains down through the landfill levels collecting any dissolved or suspended materials as it passes through the ground. It is a naturally occurring event that must be accounted for, captured, and treated as it is a pollutant and the responsibility of the landfill operator to insure that this liquid makes it to a safe holding area prior to being treated.

That being said, traditional liquid flow meters that have moving parts are not a good solution for measuring the flow of leachate due to the high possibility that suspended particles may be flowing with the water clogging the instrument. Our mass flow meter Model 600 offers a completely unobstructed flow path eliminating pressure drop and a restriction point where those particles may clog. In addition, our in-line Model 600 can have a protective coating applied in the sensor area for extra protection and to insure water and the particles keep moving down stream.

Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Meters: Flexible Solutions, Durable Equipment, and Dependable Results.

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