Mass Flow Meters Measuring #2 Fuel Oil & Other Hydrocarbon Fuels

Thermal Instrument Model # 600 In-line mass flow meter has been our primary instrument for measuring #2 fuel oils and other fuel oils as our technology allows for a high turndown ratio to capture wide flow ranges. In addition to the wide turn down, our unit offers a completely unobstructed flow path to eliminate any pressure drop, eliminating stress on motors and pumps. There are no intrusions to the flow path and all sensors are completely protected from the fluid insuring a long lasting, rugged instrument that will require minimal maintenance, keeping operational costs low.

Some applications of mass flow meters measuring #2 fuel oil are:

  • Boilers and Furnaces using #2 Fuel Oil for heating systems
  • Measuring diesel fuel to motors
  • Fuel measurement to back up diesel generators at power stations

#2 Fuel oil is obtained during the petroleum distillation process, and is typically any liquid fuel that can be used in industrial boilers or furnaces to generate heat. During the refining process, others fuels are created such as jet fuel, gasoline, and diesel which are used to power an engine or to create energy.

Fuel Oil has several uses in industry and at times needs to be measured to insure production processes run efficiently. Since fuel oils are comprised of hydrocarbons, not all flow measurement instruments can accurately measure their flow in process applications. Hydrocarbons have no impact on the measuring capabilities of mass flow meters.  That is why our thermal mass flow meter excels in these fuel oil measuring applications.  There are many different types of fuel oil, but Thermal Instrument has had specific success in measuring #2 fuel oil and diesel fuel. Both #2 Fuel Oil and Diesel can be easily mistaken as both are dyed red in color, but they have unique applications. #2 fuel oil is typically used in boilers and furnaces to generate heat for either HVAC systems or industrial applications. Diesel fuel is primarily used to power engines or generators to create energy.

Our unobstructed, in-line mass flow meters are available in a wide range of sizes and can be easily plumbed into process lines as small as ¼” OD tubing and up to 4” piping and beyond with a variety of process connections available.

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