Our thermal mass flow meters are used to measure cooling water in the nuclear, oil refinery, petrochemical, and many other manufacturing industries. Cooling Water is used in manufacturing operations around the world to cool equipment because it is inexpensive and non-toxic. Cooling water can be recirculated allowing for repeated use and can be sourced from rivers, seas, municipal, or well-drawn sources making it an economical cooling solution.

Thermal Instrument manufactures a mass flow meter in both an insertion probe (Model # 62-9) and an in-line (Model # 600-9) unobstructed flow meter that can measure cooling water accurately and efficiently no matter the source. The Mass Flow Meter technology can even measure DI water because thermal mass does not measure the electrical conductivity of a fluid. Our in-line model # 600-9 thermal mass flow meter can be installed in line sizes ranging from as small as 1/4″ OD to 4″ and greater if necessary. Our in-line mass flow meter measures the lowest of flow rates with very negligible pressure drop to your application. The unobstructed path is a key feature to note, as pressure increases, motors and pumps have to work harder, increasing your operating costs from potential repairs and replacement of your infrastructure.

If your application has larger line sizes with flow rates in the thousands of gallons per minute than our insertion probe (Model # 62-9) may be a suitable alternative for your water measurement. Our insertion probes have been used in line sizes from 4″ all the way up to 60″ to accurately measure water flow and our engineering team will work with you to determine the proper solution that best fits your application. With the versatility of our insertion probe model, cooling water traveling through large pipe sizes can be measured very economically.

Thermal Instrument has been measuring liquids with mass flow meter technology for more than 50 years. We are one of the few calibration shops that are set up to measure liquids utilizing the thermal mass technology. Thus providing our customers with an economical alternative to other measurement technologies with the same high levels of accuracy, repeatability, and turn down that mass flow technology has delivered for years.

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