Thermal Instrument has provided flow meter instruments to help the following

Power & Utility applications:

  • Air & Oxygen Gas Measurement
  • Hydrogen Gas Measurement
  • Carbon Dioxide Gas Measurement
  • Natural Gas Measurement
  • Measuring Flue Gas & Off Gas in Stacks
  • #2 Fuel Oil Measurement

Thermal Instrument has been a supplier to numerous power and utility companies over the years. A number of these applications have used our Model# 600-9 in varying sizes and process connections. Many of these applications required a flow meter that worked on smaller line sizes (typically < 1”), required process connections purposed for higher operating pressures, and had negligible pressure drop.

Our Thermal Mass flow meters are easily adapted to different flow applications that other technologies may not be able to meet. The ability to scale our Model # 62-9 has allowed measurement of Flue Gas and Off Gas on larger stacks and ducts. The ability to measure hydrocarbon liquids, such as #2 fuel oil, used to fire boilers at steam stations in creation of electricity, is another unique feature of our thermal mass flow meters.

All of our flow technology can be married to electronic transmitters that can be mounted integrally to sensor, or remote from sensor, in order to deliver the critical flow information where it is needed. All transmitters come standard with 4-20mA and additional features can be added as needed.

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