Our Inline Model # 600-9SAN mass flow meter  has provided good success in “Clean-in-Place”, or CIP applications, as it is commonly referred to. The meter is capable of accurately and dependably measuring DI Water that is commonly used in this process. DI water has no conductivity and cannot be measured by all technologies effectively. Our Mass Flow technology is a good fit as it provides wide turndown on flow ranges, a wide temperature range, an unobstructed flow path, at a reasonable price point. We can manufacture custom Face to Face dimensions to fit existing process piping in sizes from 1/4″ OD up to 4″ OD sanitary tubing. The meter has standard 15 RA finished interior surface and is available with Tri-Clamp, VCO, or VCR type connections for ease of installation.

CIP is a process that is used in pharmaceutical, as well as other industries, to clean out and sterilize the process piping, vessels, or other equipment used in the manufacturing process. A typical sterilization process utilizes a mixture of DI Water (18 Megohm) and a caustic or solvent added to insure that the process piping is clean and sterile. This mixture is pumped through the entire process piping for a period of time and has to be measured in order to satisfy Good Manufacturing Processes set in place by the Food & Drug Administration.

Additional applications for mass flow meters are:

  • Measure spray quantities of edible paints during the tablet coating process
  • Measure air flow during the tablet compression stage

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