Preferred Model # 600-9UHP

Benefits to using Thermal Instrument Flow Meters in your process:

  • Low flow capability
  • Excellent Accuracy & Repeatability
  • Clean Gas Measurement
  • Ultra-High-Pure (UHP) Equipment
  • 15 Ra Flow Wetted Surface Finish


  • Measuring clean process gases from tank farm
  • Sub-metering to different production areas
  • Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Silane measurement

The semiconductor industry requires flow meter instruments that can read low flows and deliver high accuracy and repeatability. Thermal mass flow meters are an excellent option due to their accuracy and repeatability in measurement applications. Thermal Instrument provides in-line units with no obstructions in the flow path to contaminate your critical process. Our in-line Model # 600-9UHP can be sized from ¼” OD up to 3” OD in a 15Ra surface finish with a variety of process connections.

Our UHP (Ultra High Pure) in-line thermal mass flow meters (Model# 600-9UHP) are used on UHP H2, N2, O2, Argon, and Silane distribution lines involved in the semi-conductor manufacturing process. Thermal Instrument Flow Meters are installed in some of the largest production facilities around the world.

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