Thermal Instrument manufactures a mass flow meter that can accurately and dependably measure the leachate flow at landfill operations. Thermal Instrument has been measuring liquids with mass flow meter technology for more than 50 years. We offer a tested solution for the measurement of leachate flow.

Leachate is the liquid that naturally drains down through the landfill waste levels collecting any dissolved or suspended materials as it passes through the ground. It is a naturally occurring event that must be accounted for, captured, and treated as it is a pollutant. It is the responsibility of the landfill operator to insure that this liquid makes it to a safe holding area prior to being treated or discharged.

A large waste and environmental service company located in Tullytown, PA, currently processes upwards of 10,000 tons of trash per day at this site. They were looking for an alternative flow measurement instrument for the leachate liquid flow.

They needed a meter that could be easily installed into a 4” SDR11 line that could measure up to 400 GPM of leachate flow. The specific location chosen is fed by 13 well heads moving leachate to a collection tank where it can be pumped out and processed.

Thermal Instrument proposed a solution utilizing their insertion probe style mass flow meter. The flow meter provides the customer with Flow and Totalized Flow information. Thermal Instrument is utilizing our base model 62-9 single piece insertion probe at this location. The meter has a protective polymer coating applied to the sensor area to further prevent buildup of contaminants on the probe. Notice that there are no apertures on our single piece welded insertion probe further protecting the sensors from any contamination from the passing fluid. A simple clean design that will work effectively in the dirtiest of applications for many years. The meter is easy to maintain and install and is up and runnings within minutes of installation.

Advantages of using a Thermal Instrument Insertion Probe Flow Meter:

  • Rugged Construction – 316 SS with available protective coating
  • Easy Installation – ¾” MNPT Packing Gland
  • Installed Back up Sensors for inherent redundancy
  • Sensors are internal and never come into direct contact with passing fluid
  • Flow and Total Flow monitored
  • 4-20mA output to data recorders, PLC’s etc.
  • High Turndown Accuracy – 100:1
  • Easy to clean and maintain

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About Thermal Instrument Company 

Thermal Instrument Company (TIC), established in 1959, headquartered in Trevose, Pennsylvania, provides leading edge instrumentation solutions for measuring the mass flow rate of liquids and gases.  TIC has been providing flow measurement solutions for more than 60 years to a variety of industries throughout the globe, and has an installed base in excess of 20,000 thermal mass flow measurement devices. TIC has provided flow measurement solutions for: natural gas to boilers, furnaces, and in pipelines; clean gases used in manufacturing processes; methane and landfill gas from wastewater and landfill sites; water for cooling and pharmaceutical applications; and numerous other liquids and gasses used in environmental and industrial processes. TIC offers a full line of thermal mass flow meters and flow switches available in either an unobstructed path in-line model, or as an insertion probe model. For more information about Thermal Instrument Company’s flow measurement solutions, please visit our website or contact one of our sales representatives. 


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