Monitor your Flow, Alerts for your Process, and Measure your Temperature

Make use of all the features available on Thermal Instrument’s newest addition to our product line. Introducing our latest Flow Switch, FS16, that will provide flow monitoring, multiple alarm set points, and a 4-20ma temperature output all in one instrument. Thermal Instrument Company (TIC), headquartered in Trevose, PA has been manufacturing thermal mass flow meters and flow switches for more than 55 years. This latest addition to our product line-up delivers on all of the customized solutions that TIC has been able to bring to the market. The FS16 is very adaptable, as it is available for both liquid and gas applications, small line sizes, to large piping applications. Excellent applications to apply the FS16, would be pump protection, valve monitoring, cooling water, and heat exchangers.

The FS16 Flow Switch can monitor your process flow and then alert when a specific condition has been met. TIC calibrates every instrument to NIST traceable standards. Our instruments are all calibrated to the specific application requirements that have been requested. The FS16 can then monitor the flow and display the approximate flow rate on a built in 10 Bar Red LED indicator. Each LED bar represents 10% of the given flow range. As the flow rate goes up or down the corresponding bars will light up to indicate the approximate flow rate.  TIC has been using thermal mass technology for flow measurement for more than 55 years and has applied that same technology to the new FS16 flow switch. All units are delivered with full temperature and pressure compensation. Additionally, all FS16 models will be made from the same tough industrial standards that TIC has become known for. All flow bodies are made from 316SS or better material, have redundant sensors, and an NEMA4X rated electronic housing.
In addition to monitoring the flow, the built-in alarm set points can help alert an operator to a specific process condition. The FS16 comes standard with (2) 10 Amp relays that will trip at predetermined conditions. Relays set to Fail-safe conditions upon shipment.  The FS16 can be configured with (2) each SPDT Relays, or (1) each DPDT relay. The FS16 can be set to alert under the following conditions: Flow/No Flow, Low Flow Alarm, High Flow Alarm, or a Temperature Alarm. The alarms can be set or changed in the field by using a simple push button, or connecting the FS16 to a PC and using our proprietary software to change alarm set points and hysteresis levels with a simple USB connection cable.


A unique feature of the FS16, is the ability to measure and output the process fluid temperature to a PLC, DCS, or any other device thataccepts a 4-20mA output. The fluid temperature is delivered over a dedicated and isolated 4-20mA analog output. The temperature is measured by the use of RTD sensors. The RTD sensors are protected from and never come into direct contact with the passing fluid which allows the instrument to be very repeatable, accurate, and stable. As with all Thermal Instrument flow meters and switches, there are no moving parts that can be fouled or need replacement.

Manage and protect your process. Liquid or Gas, Small Line Sizes to Large Pipe and Ducts. Look no further than Thermal Instrument Company.

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About Thermal Instrument Company 

Thermal Instrument Company (TIC), established in 1959, headquartered in Trevose, Pennsylvania, provides leading edge instrumentation solutions for measuring the mass flow rate of liquids and gases.  TIC has been providing flow measurement solutions for more than 60 years to a variety of industries throughout the globe, and has an installed base in excess of 20,000 thermal mass flow measurement devices. TIC has provided flow measurement solutions for: natural gas to boilers, furnaces, and in pipelines; clean gases used in manufacturing processes; methane and landfill gas from wastewater and landfill sites; water for cooling and pharmaceutical applications; and numerous other liquids and gasses used in environmental and industrial processes. TIC offers a full line of thermal mass flow meters and flow switches available in either an unobstructed path in-line model, or as an insertion probe model. For more information about Thermal Instrument Company’s flow measurement solutions, please visit our website or contact one of our sales representatives. 

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