FS - Flow Switches

  • 1 Relay Alarms
  • Simple Installation
  • 30+ Years in Production
  • (1) Form C (SPDT) 5 Amp Relay
  • Field Adjustable Alarm Set Point
  • Field Adjustable for Trip High / Trip Low
  • Integral or Remote Mounted Circuitry
  • All Welded 316SS Body Standard
  • Special Materials Available for Corrosion or Abrasion Resistance
  • In-line or Insertion Probe Option
  • Unobstructed Flow Path with Negligible Pressure Drop on Model # 600-9
  • Numerous Process Connections
  • 250 to 500F Service
  • Pressure & Temperature Compensated
  • Protected Precision RTD Sensor
  • Explosion-Proof Construction
  • Calibration Chart Provided
  • Input Power 115/230 VAC or 24 VDC

The durability, accuracy, versatility, and ease of use of this mass flow switch make it the economical choice for your process flow application. The electronics are built into an cast aluminum condulet which can be mounted as an integral part on the Model 62-9 and 600-9. Allowing a plant technician to accurately field set the trip point by adjusting the potentiometer. Using a voltmeter, the technician can then compare trip point voltage with the calibration voltages given on calibration chart provided with each meter. Trip high/trip low function can be field-enabled with a simple jumper change.

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