9200B Signal Processor Features:
Type: 2 lines of 20 characters, Backlit LCD
Character Size: 0.3″ nominal
Isolated 4-20 mA Analog Output:
Type: Isolated Current Sourcing
Resolution:12 bit
Update Rate: 1 update/sec minimum
Maximum Load: 1000 ohms (at nominal line voltage)
Averaging: User entry of damping constant to cause a smooth control action.
Isolated Totalizer Pulse Output:
Pulse Output Form: Open Collector
Maximum On Current: 25 mA
Maximum Off Voltage: 30 VDC
Saturation Voltage: 1.0 VDC
Maximum Off Current: 0.1 mA
Pulse Duration: 10 mSec or 100 mSec
Pulse Output Buffer: 256
Fault Protection
Reverse polarity: Shunt Diode
Relay Outputs:
The relay outputs are menu assignable to (Individually for each relay) Low Rate Alarm, Hi Rate Alarm, Prewarn Alarm, Preset Alarm or General purpose warning (security).
Number of relays: 4
Contact Style: Form C contacts
Contact Ratings: 5 amp, 240 VAC or 30 VDC
Auxiliary DC Supply with High Current Capability:
24 VDC 420 mA (600 mA Peak)
Power Input:
110 VAC Power: 85-127 Vrms, 50/60 Hz (11.0 VA)
220 VAC Power: 170-276 Vrms, 50/60 Hz (11.0 VA)
Operating Temperature: 0ºC to +50ºC
Storage Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC
Humidity: 0-95% Non-condensing
Materials: U.L. approved