9500P - Flow Transmitters

Microprocessor Electronic Transmitter

  • Most Popular Transmitter
  • Multiple Outputs
  • Easy to read display

A uniquely designed microprocessor controlled electronic transmitter provides integral local control and display in an explosion proof housing for our mass flow meters.  Optional remote mounting of the electronic transmitter up to a distance of 2000 ft. from the mass flow meter sensor provides additional versatility depending on the application.

Flow signal linearity and temperature effects, determined at calibration, are corrected by the microprocessor using operating parameter data stored in the EEPROM memory.

Our model 9500P microprocessor controlled electronic transmitter provides integral local control and programming capabilities allowing for on-site modifications to many flow factors. Our newly integrated menu system is available as an opton on our Model 9500P. This provides greater flexibility to the end user by allowing for changes to the instrument as flow parameters and applications change. The integral Menu System will allow for the modification to the following:

  • Filter Factor
  • Zero Cutoff %
  • Flow Factor or “K”
  • Full scale Flow Range
  • Pipe ID Size Changes
  • Modbus ID Values
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting Capabilities

Available Output on the 9500P Electronics are:​

  • Standard 4 – 20 mA
  • Optional Modbus 485 (See our FAQ section for more specifics)
  • Compatible with Hart Communications
9500P Electronics can be powered by 24 VDC, 110 VAC, 220 VAC, and 100 VAC.

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