600-9 - Inline Thermal Mass Flow Meters

  • Variety of Connections Available
  • Unobstructed Flow Path
  • Negligible Pressure Drop
  • Highly Accurate – ± 1% Accuracy across Full Scale in most applications
  • Repeatable Rates – ± 2%
  • 100:1 Turndown or better on most applications
  • Small Line sizes down to ¼”
  • Large Line sizes up to 12”
  • Capable of providing Flow and Temperature details across independent 4-20mA outputs
  • Numerous Process Connections Available – Flange, NPT, Tube Ends, etc.
  • Redundant Sensors
  • Protective Coatings Available
  • Exotic materials including Tantalum, Hastelloy-C, Titanium, and Monel
  • Long Life = Return on Investment
  • Available in Sanitary & Ultra High Pure Finishes
  • Great for air & gas measurement
  • Great for water & other liquid measurement

Thermal Instrument was a pioneer of in-line flow meters. The unique design means the flow and temperature sensor are protected from passing fluids at all times. Our exclusive in-line gasflow meters and in-line liquidflow meters provide excellent accuracy and repeatability our clients can count on. The 600-9 offers numerous process connections to allow for quick installation and meet demanding flow applications.

What Else You Should Know:

Our mass flow sensors come with redundant Flow and Temperature RTD sensors that will provide a long life unit that will maximize the return on investment. Always know the status of your flow meters. The 600-9 flow sensor provides critical flow and temperature information via a 4-20mA output connection between our transmitter and the customer device.

Our Model# 600-9 in-line flow meter has an unobstructed flow path that can be scaled to meet line sizes as small as ¼” and as large as 12”. This exclusive feature is incredibly beneficial to operators. It offers a negligible pressure drop in operations where any pressure loss could be detrimental. We provide standard face to face dimensions, but this item can be easily adapted to fit into custom spaces in your process piping.

We’re Here to Serve You:

Our Model # 600-9 can be customized to fit your needs. If your current in-line flow application is corrosive or needs more rigid construction-grade materials, Thermal Instrument can accommodate. We have built our flow sensors using strong, exotic metals, including Hastelloy-C, Tantalum, Titanium, Monel, and more.

At Thermal Instrument, we can also provide flange connections in multiple sizes and pressure ratings, NPT in several sizes, and tube ends that can easily adapt to a variety of 3rd party connections.

We can also add a protective coating to the flow sensor wetted surfaces in units down to ½” in size. These protective coatings offer additional corrosive protection, improve non-stick or release properties, and provide peace of mind in harsh applications.

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