Thermal Instrument 3-A Sanitary Flow Meter Design Renewed to 2027

Effective June 22, 2022 the Thermal Instrument Model 600-9SAN3A was renewed for another 5 year term with 3-A Sanitary Standards. 3-A is a globally recognized standard for equipment that will be used in the food and beverage industry that meet hygienic standards. These standards promote food safety and are accepted by the FDA, USDA, and many state regulatory authorities.

Thermal Instrument Sanitary flow meters go above and beyond surface finish standards set by the 3-A organization. Our flow meters can be installed in customer process lines with a simple tri-clamp connection or orbitally welded in place to maintain the sanitary conditions required by this industry.

Thermal Instrument flow sensors are designed to be an extension of current sanitary tubing. They can accurately measure up to 7 feet per Second for liquid flow and even greater rates for gas flows. The 600-9SAN3A sensor can be equipped with a variety of transmitters, either integral or remote, that can provide both flow and temperature information through a variety of outputs.

Advantages of Thermal Instrument Model 600-9SAN3A:

Model 600-9SAN3A

Thermal Instrument Company 3-A Approved Sanitary Flow Meter Design

  • CIP Design. Leave in place.
  • Meets 3-A Standard 28-06 for Flow Meter Design. ANSI/3-A 00-01-2018.
  • Available in common line sizes. ¾” OD, 1” OD, 1½” OD, 2” OD. Others available by request.
  • No obstructions inside flow tube
  • No Moving Parts
  • Multiple connection options
  • Measures DI Water, DI Water with Caustic, Milk, Other Food & Beverage products
  • No Plastic or Rubber Parts on Product Contact Surfaces
  • All Contact Surfaces are 316LSS. 15Ra Product Contact Surfaces.
  • Manufactured and Calibrated in the USA
  • 6 Week lead times
  • Electronic Flow Measurement Transmitter Options



About Thermal Instrument Company

Thermal Instrument Company, headquartered in Trevose, Pennsylvania, provides leading edge instrumentation solutions for measuring the flow rate of liquids and gases. Established in 1959, providing flow measurement solutions to a variety of industries throughout the globe. An installed base in excess of 20,000 thermal mass flow measurement devices performing successfully in many applications. For more information about Thermal Instrument Company’s flow solutions, please visit our website or contact us via phone.


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