Why Thermal Instrument

Accurate, Repeatable and Dependable Flow Measurement

Since 1959, Thermal Instrument has produced mass flow meters that help increase productivity with accurate and dependable measurements of liquids and gases for both industrial and environmental processes.

We provide solutions for various industries, including pollution control, landfills, GHG emissions, chemical processing, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, semiconductor manufacturing, and power & utility.

We’re a family and veteran-run business. We’re large enough to provide the mass flow meters your industry needs while small enough to give our clients the undivided attention they deserve.

We will even customize our designs to suit your needs. We know and understand that sometimes you have to get “outside the box” to get a job done.

Thermal Beginnings
1980s Meter Family

Why should you use a Thermal Instrument Mass Flow Meter?

  • Our high-performance mass flow meters help increase productivity, lessen energy costs, maximize product yields, and undertake ecological applications.
  • We’re experienced. Thermal mass technology is the only thing we do here!
  • Made in the USA. We believe in rugged construction. Our products are made with top-quality stainless steel with protective coatings.
  • We support local businesses. Our key suppliers are no more than an hour’s drive away.
  • We’re unique. We offer solutions for both natural gas measurement and liquid flow metering.
  • We provide custom solutions and designs for even the most challenging flow measurement applications.
  • Our instruments are built to last. Many of our devices are still in the field after 20+ years of regular usage.
  • Our clients are #1. Expect world-class technical support, even after the sale is made.
  • We can measure many gas and liquid fluids, including unique mixtures.
  • Veteran-owned business.